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Hodgman Cedar Run Breathable Non-Slip Booted Chest Wader

best boots and wadersI want you to know I have not had a chance to actually use these yet, I have just tried them on dry land. I just wanted to give some kind of review since there aren’t any on them yet. Unfortunately our fishing trip got cancelled as my father got injured but I will try to remember to update my review after I get them wet.

The quality seems to be good, and the sizing runs just over true. A thick pair of wool socks make them fit properly for me. I have always used felt soles before and been happy with them, but supposedly these boots are more sticky. I tried walking on our wet tile floor (normally treacherous) and they had no problem sticking. My worry is that felt is pretty darned tough, but these are a pretty soft foamy rubber, so I don’t know how well they will hold up to long walks back and forth to the river. The advertising included says they are tough so maybe I’m worried for nothing. They are very lightweight and the shoulder straps are comfortable. The zippered pockets on the front are kind of awkward to get into though, not sure how useful they will end up being. The front ‘hand warmer’ pockets will be useful for stuff like a small towel and pliers and such. They are also pretty roomy up top, I am 5’11” and 210lbs and there is plenty of room left over, I could probably gain 30 pounds and still use these easily. They include a belt of sorts (a long piece of webbing) to take up the slack if you don’t want them bagging out up top, I prefer the air flow up top unless it’s friggin cold outside.
–By Setesh

Product Description

The Hodgman Cedar Run Breathable Non-Slip Booted Chest Wader provides the security and quality of Wadelite comfort boots — 35% lighter, 25% more durable and 25% warmer than rubber boots. The no-slip sole gives you twice the traction of felt, and helps prevent whirling disease. The Cedar Run Wader features an “”H”” suspender system and waist belt, for a great, comfortable fit. Zippered storage pockets and handwarmer pockets provide a convenient place for your gear.

Brand: Hodgman
Price: $157.00
Rating: 4.3
Available Sizes: Size 7 – 13
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Wadelite comfort boots are warmer, lighter & more durable than rubber
No-slip soles
‘H’ suspender system and waist belt
Handwarmer pockets
Zippered storage pockets

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