A Book Review: Field & Stream’s The Total Fishing Manual 317 Essential Fishing Skills

The Total Fishing Manual

The Total Fishing Manual


This is a glitzy book with a non-nonsense approach to teaching the basics of fishing and of fishing gear. The book adheres to the topics at hand, and does not digress into irrelevant topics, such as recipes for fishing, or collections of jokes about fishing, or agencies for renting equipment. The book will make an excellent gift for wannabe fishermen, for novice fishermen, for people who want to learn the elements of fishing lingo, and for people interested in bonding with fishermen. Although the book contains plenty of enticing technical details, please remember that the art and science of “fishing” has been developing for many thousands of years. Hence, it must be realized that a novice jumping into the many wonderful topics in this book should not expect to be a Mister Noitall by the time the entire book is read and learned. Instead, the novice should expect to be imbued with enough knowledge, and with an enhanced motivation, to learn more about the topic at hand.

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About the Author (Joe Cermele)
Joe Cermele started his career in outdoor journalism in 2004, covering fishing tournaments for a local magazine in his home state of New Jersey. In 2005, while attending Rider University, he became an intern at Salt Water Sportsman magazine, joining the editorial staff full time that same year after graduation. In 2008, he moved to sister publication Field & Stream, where he was named Fishing Editor in 2011. His writing appears monthly in the magazine, he blogs weekly on the magazine’s website, and also hosts and produces Field & Stream’s Hook Shots, an award-winning web-based fishing show with a punk-rock edge. Cermele has fished all over the country and abroad, but when he’s not traveling on assignment, you can find him on his boat chasing tuna and striped bass off the Jersey coast, pitching tubes to smallmouth bass on the Delaware River, or flyfishing for trout in New York’s Catskill Mountains.

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