Plano Tackle Box with Chill Bag System

best boots and wadersAlthough I was opposed to a hard case at first, I think this hard/soft tackle box was a great buy, especially at the price. My favorite thing about this box is the versatility (although the cup holders on top are a nice touch).

The inside is divided into 3 equal sized sections capable of holding 2 Plano 3000 series boxes. One thing that I really like is that I can choose how I set this up. As shipped, one is empty, one has a cooler, and one has 2 tackle boxes. If I want to bring more tackle, I can put 6 boxes in and ditch the cooler. If I’m going to be dock/bridge/pier fishing, I’ll use 4 boxes and a cooler. If I have an extra reel or too much big stuff to fit in all of the outside pockets (or just want something to be protected), I can leave one or two sections open, and only bring 2 tackle boxes.

Also, all of my fishing buddies have soft cases for tackle, and after several years the zippers no longer work (which is to be expected, since we do almost all saltwater fishing). Anyway, I don’t mind pockets that stay open permanently, but I like to have at least one section that stays closed and protected for my tackle. I haven’t done a lot of fishing with this box yet, but so far it holds all my tackle and fit/finish seems to be nice.

I would definitely recommend this box to anyone — whether you need storage space for lots of tackle while on the boat, or if you just want to bring a 6-pack out to the dock and keep one hand free to carry your rods.

Product Overview

Brand: Plano
Price: $39.99
Rating: 4.8
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Product Description
When it comes to innovation in tackle storage, Plano is definitely leading the way. This box helps you get everything to the dock including cold drinks and sandwiches. And, when you are fishing you can use the molded cup holders to keep your drinks from spilling. Tackle can be neatly arranged in the Stowaway boxes and baits can be stored in the top.

  • Removable soft-sided cooler bag
  • Two molded cup holders
  • Top bait storage
  • Four zippered side pockets
  • Includes two 3600 stowaways

Plano Molding Company 3600 SoftSider X Tackle Bag

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For the money you can’t find a better value in organizing your fishing tackle. My use is for inshore saltwater fishing stuff and bass fishing. I send it to where I’m headed so I have “my stuff” with me and just leave it in the trunk when I’m local. Hands down these people know what is needed to keep all your stuff in a well made handy carry all. Enough room for one day or a few days on the water. The one thing I did do is swap out one of the narrow boxes for a 3640 waterproof 10.24×7.25×1.25 boxes. I use the waterproof box as my stinky artificial worm container. It fits tight if I have all 3 large boxes in the bag but normally I only have two of them. I’m not a professional so how many plugs and lures do you really need in a day? Be real, especially since we fish with mostly live bait.

Product Description

Brand: Plano Molding Company
Price: $41.44
Rating: 5.0
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This bag has all the features you are looking for in a tackle storage bag. It has a molded waterproof base, four external pockets and two tool holders. Combine these with StowAways for easy tackle organization and you are ready for a day on the water.

  • Includes four 3650 utilities
  • Molded, impact-resistant waterproof base
  • Four external Speed Zip pockets and two tool holder
  • Internal key clip holder and elastic band orgaizer
  • Two D-rings

Plano FTO Elite Worm File Medium

best boots and wadersThis bag is fantastic for holding all those bags of worms its sides fold down and allow for you to easily find the worm you are looking for. I have about fifty bags of worms and soft plastics. SO I need something to orginize them this does the trick. I keep two of these on the boat at all times. Each bag holds about 20-25 bags of worms. The bag is fantastic everyone should buy one!!

Product Description

Brand: Plano
Price: $11.50
Rating: 5.0
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FTO Elite has a solution for almost every type of fishing. Whether it’s hooks, singers, jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, crankbaits, or just about anything else, we have a better way to keep them organized. Regardless of who you are or what you fish fo, an FTO organizer system will make your fishing more productive and enjoyable

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