Hodgman Wadelite Stockingfoot Breathable Waders

61uW9AeEr6L._SL1500_I’ve logged over 50+ days in these waders in one season. The crotch seam started leaking after that. More than likely manufacturer defect, but who knows. Throughout all my brush and briar busting these things have not had pinhole leak one or a tare. They are great waders and I would recommend them for price and durability. I will probably go out and buy a new pair of these things and have my old ones on reserve. I’m not one to quivel over a leaking seam after the hell I’ve put these things through.

Customer Service:
E-mailed customer service, was told that I would need to send my leaky waders in for inspection of possible manufacturers defect and would take 4-6 weeks. Good communication but, I’d rather repair them.
— Anonymous

Product Description

Hodgman Wadelite I Stockingfoot Breathable Waders. This is a choice you absolutely won’t regret! Wadelite I Waders are several quality steps above the run-of-the-mill waders you’ll find elsewhere! The difference is that they’re packed with advanced features, and have truly superior outershell construction. Among their many advantages are Supplex outershells and proven Horco-Tex CL Plus waterproof, breathable technology for top-notch wading comfort. Why they’re so good: 4 1/2 mm double taped neoprene booties; Attached gravel guards and lace hooks; 6-layer lower leg construction for maximum durability; Removable suspenders and side cinch straps; 4 mm neoprene booties; Tightly knit microfiber outershell with a Storm waterproof front zipper; Zippered inside storage compartment; Each weighs approx. 15 1/3 ozs. State Size. Order yours today! Hodgman Wadelite I Stockingfoot Breathable Waders

Product Overview

Brand: Hodgman
Price: $119.99
Rating: 5.0
Available Sizes: 2xl -Long
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