Hodgman Sawbill Creek Insulated Stockingfoot Chest Wader

best boots and wadersI bought these waders just for winter steelhead fishing. I was tired of wearing neoprenes and always sweating on hikes to my fishing spots. I really like that these boots breath and are insulated.On a 33 degree day in January I was able to wade all day in these waders wearing just a basic pair of long johns and a pair of sweatpants for base layers.I walked over 1.5 miles in them on the trail and never broke a sweat.These waders are well constructed and seem to do everything I was hoping for.The large lined hand warmer pocket is awesome and I also like the waterproof zippered pocket on the front.The reason I did not give 5 stars is I think the gravel guards are a little short and do not cover the tops of my wading boots well.I also did not like the hard fly pocket on the front of the waders,it seemed to get in the way of my fishing,I am left handed so that might be MY problem and not the waders LOL.Great waders for little money !
— Mike G

Product Description

The Hodgman Sawbill Creek Insulated Stockingfoot Chest Wader is insulated and breathable, featuring a new 150g quilted insulated liner. It’s as warm as 5mm neoprene, but with the added benefit of being breathable — so it keeps you warm when standing still, and cools you off when you’re active. The Sawbill Creek Wader features an easy on/off no-bunch liner, broad back suspension, and padded suspenders, for a great fit and long-lasting comfort. Reinforced knees prolong the life of the wader, while the neoprene socks with gravel guards keep you comfortable, dry and protected. For convenient storage, there’s a waterproof pocket, removable fly patch, and retractable zinger.

Product Details

Brand: Hodgman
Price: $140.22
Rating: 3.1
Available Sizes: Small – XXL
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  • Insulated and breathable, with a 150g quilted insulated liner
  • Broad back suspension and padded suspenders for comfort and a great fit
  • Neoprene socks with gravel guards
  • Non-neoprene wader is warm when standing, cool when moving
  • Waterproof pocket, removable fly patch, and retractable zinger


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