Hodgman Men’s Pipestone Breathable Booted Chest Wader with Work Table

best boots and wadersI just received this product this past Friday afternoon and immediately took them with me on a fly fishing trip that weekend. Wore them into the river for 3 straight days with nothing but positive experience with them. The temp on the trip was averaging 85 degrees during the day. These are very breathable and kept me cool all day. Also went out night fishing in the river at 2am and found these to keep me warm as well. At night it was dropping to around 60 degrees and I wore these with some sweat pants and was very comfortable. Also the little fold down work table is so convenient to have while standing in the river. What more could you ask for for the price???
–By Dpanhel


Product Description

The Hodgman Pipestone Breathable Booted Chest Wader is a perfect choice for comfort and convenience. The breathable material keeps you well-ventilated, while reinforced knees, a waist belt and a padded suspension system ensure a comfortable great fit. The Wadelite comfort boots are 35% lighter and 25% more durable than rubber boots; their no-slip soles are versatile for all terrains, providing twice the traction of felt and helping to prevent whirling disease. For the ultimate in convenience, the Pipestone Wader features an integrated fold-out work table, so you always have a workspace with you. Water-resistant pockets and a flyrod holder provide extra storage where you need it.


Product Details

Brand: Hodgman
Price: $132.91
Rating: 3.2
Available Sizes: Size 7 – 13 tall
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  • Built-in fold-out work table
  • Comfortable breathable material
  • Wadelite comfort boot is lighter and more durable than rubber
  • No-slip sole gives you twice the traction of felt
  • Padded suspension system and waist belt for a great fit

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