Caddis 3-Inch Black Deluxe Wading Belt

best boots and wadersSome folks think that these wading belts are for comfort alone, but actually they are a needed safety device. Having a snug belt around your waist prevents or at least slows down the flow of water to the lower half of your body, should you fall into the water and flood your chest waders. This one is a comfortable and inexpensive version that does the job nicely
— Rob
Product Description

Brand: Caddis Wading Systems
Price: $15.03
Rating: 3.2
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The Caddis brand has stood for quality for many years. All of our products are on the cutting edge of available technology and every wader is water tested before the brand ever goes on the product. All Caddis waders, wading shoes, Jackets, vests and accessory products come with a one year manufacturers warranty.

  • Adjustable 3″ wide neoprene cushioned support belt with quick release buckle, one size fits all.
  • The single most important safety device every person should use whenever wading with wide comfort strap.

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